Ordering - Sian Hampton Photography

Ordering Images

Ordering prints and digital downloads can now be done through the website.  There are two ways to do this:

1. Viewing and buying image by image:

When viewing any photo, you an click "Buy" at the bottom of it. This brings up a new window allowing you to pick what you want to buy, either a digital download or a print. Once you have selected the item you can carry on browsing or go to the checkout to pay.

2. Buying multiple images in one go

When viewing any gallery you can buy multiple photos direct from the gallery overview by clicking "Buy Photos" from the top right. This brings up an overview of all the photos in the gallery, which when they are all loaded allows you to select multiple photos at once and add them to your order. You can change the type of order by clicking "Change Product". Once finished you can go to the checkout to pay as normal

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